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“You’ve got bed bugs” – four words that strike fear in the hearts of every resident. Fortunately, WING 8 has a plan for effective bed bug pest control. Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers. They can stow away in your luggage when you’re on vacation, come home with a college student or sneak in through second-hand furniture. Whichever way bed bugs have invaded your home, the best way to send them packing is by hiring WING 8 Pest Services. Our experienced technicians work diligently to identify, treat, and eliminate bed bug infestations at their source. We’re your residential pest control experts here in Forney, Texas.

What Our Bed Bug Exterminators Can Do For You

There are many advantages to living in Texas, but bed bugs aren’t one of them. Texas bed bugs are prevalent and persistent because they thrive in the warm climate. Our bed bug exterminators eliminate these tiny, elusive pests that cause so much discomfort.

The experts at WING 8 are well-versed in bed bug habitats and use targeted treatments to eliminate these pests effectively. Understanding the nature of bed bugs and the methods used in their control is the first step toward a bed bug-free home. Leveraging RAPID® Bed Bug Remediation, our experienced technicians work diligently to identify, treat, and eliminate bed bug infestations at their source.


  • Step 1: Free Inspection: Our bed bug pest control experts conduct a detailed inspection of the area that’s affected, identifying the extent of the infestation and locating bed bug hiding spots.
  • Step 2: Quickly Scheduled Appointment: We’ll work with you to quickly schedule a treatment appointment at your earliest convenience. Our team ensures prompt service scheduling to address the bed bug issue without unnecessary delays.
  • Step 3: Effective Treatment: We implement a customized treatment plan tailored to the specific needs of your home. Our safe and effective treatment methods for bed bugs are designed to completely rid your home of bed bugs.
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Why WING 8 Is the Best Solution for Your Bed Bug Problems

When facing the challenge of bed bugs, selecting the right bed bug pest control is crucial. WING 8 Pest Services is the go-to bed bug exterminator in Forney, TX. With over 20 years of experience, our team has developed a deep understanding of bed bug behaviors and effective treatment methods. This expertise is vital in treating the infestation and preventing future occurrences.

What sets WING 8 apart is our customer-centric approach. We take the time to understand your unique situation, ensuring a personalized service that meets your specific needs. Plus, being the primary bed bug pest control near you, we’re always nearby and understand the particular challenges of Texas bed bugs. This proximity allows for quick and efficient service.

Couldn’t recommend this company more. Max was extremely thorough, professional, personable, and knowledgeable.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bug Pest Control

Below, we’ve answered a few questions about bed bug pest control. Please let us know if you need additional information.


Is Your Bed Bug Treatment Safe for My Family and Pets?

Yes, the safety of you, your family and your pets is a priority. WING 8 uses EPA-approved treatments that are non-toxic to humans and animals, ensuring a safe environment during and after the extermination process. Safety is another reason to trust the experts at WING 8 to manage bed bug pest control – some DIY options can pose health risks to your family.


What are the Signs of Bed Bugs?

Identifying bed bugs early is key to preventing a widespread infestation in your home. Bites on your skin, physical sightings, fecal stains, or musty odors can be indicators of the presence of bed bugs. Contacting bed bug exterminators can help you assess the situation and determine the best course of action to take back your home from these unwelcome guests.


Do I Need to Prepare My Home Before the Treatment?

Yes, preparation is key for effective treatment. WING 8 provides a preparation sheet with detailed instructions on what to do before the treatment begins.


What Makes WING 8’s Bed Bug Pest Control Services Unique?

WING 8 uses advanced, safe treatment methods, employs a customer-centric approach and has over 20 years of local experience exterminating Texas bed bugs. We offer personalized solutions for bed bug pest control to meet the needs of Forney and surrounding communities.

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Bed Bug Pest Control

Don’t let bed bugs disrupt your peace of mind and comfort. The team of expert exterminators at WING 8 is equipped to tackle any bed bug challenge, ensuring a safe, effective, hassle-free experience. Whether you’re noticing the first signs of bed bugs or dealing with a full-blown infestation, it’s crucial to act fast. Schedule a free appointment so we can begin RAPID® Bed Bug Remediation and you can reclaim the comfort of you and your family.